What would you do to survive?

2009 - HD - Color - 13 mins

SciFi Horror

Cary takes refuge in a basement from monsters that have taken over the city.


In the not to distant future New York City has been taken over by flesh eating monsters. Cary, one of the few trying to stay alive, gets rescued by Henry a local firefighter after a near death monster attack. Cary wakes to find herself locked up with Vic a deranged kid who could turn into a monster at any second. Cary must figure out who she can trust while dealing with a possibly fatal injury.



Rosebud Baker                            Cary

Jonathan Wilde                          Henry

Aaron Katter                                 Vic


Directed by

Mikey Reyes

Written by

Brad Barth

Produced by

Jason Sokoloff, Mikey Reyes

Original music by

Milosze Jeziorski

Cinematography by

Kathy Scoggin

Editing by

Danielle Morgan

Production design by

Erick Garibay

Art decorator

Shelly Grizm

Set decorator

Emily Carmichael


Shevaun Mizrahi

Make up

Kate Tsang

Production Manager

Ketki Pandit

Assistant Director

Matthieu Taponier

Sound recording by

Dominique Deleon, Brantley Jones

Sound Design by

Han Lee, Jonathan Reyes, Brantley Jones

Assistant camera

Danielle morgan, Nikita Liamzine


Peter Hollow


Michael Rossetti

Dominique Deleon

Jason Sokoloff

Brantley Jones

Nikita Liamzine


Jeremy Brunjes

Special Thanks

Ken Friedman

Bryan Goluboff

Tony Jannelli

Sandi Sissel

Jose Santana

Emily Clifton

Gail Segal

John Tintori

NYU Tish School of the Arts Graduate Film