Dodge ball will settle this.

2004 - Super 16mm - Color - 10 mins


Old rivalries are rekindled as parents discuss whether Dodge Ball Should be banned from school.


Parents attend a Pta meeting to discuss whether dodge ball should be banned. Ted a parent who is against banning dodge ball rekindles an old rivalry between Russell a parent who is for banning dodge ball. Sides are taken and a violent game of dodge ball is played to settle the meeting.



Greg Dorchak                                                 Ted

Bryan Kent                                                Russell

Phil O’Hern                                  Coach Mercante

Dan Silver                                                       C.K.

Nikole Salas                                               Monica

Juan Aleman                                               Ex Con

Mike Marshall                                             Johnny

Bridget Farias                                 Security Guard

David Dacy                                Doug the Dodger

Christina Frankenfield                      Mrs. Crandell

Flakes Parsley                                                Bart

Mark Posey                                                    Legs

Adrianne Chacon                              Wheelwoman

Mckenzie Fergus                                       Student

Alexa Doggett                                           Student

Rudy Brown                                               Student


Directed by

Mikey Reyes

Written by

Mikey Reyes

Daniel Reyes

Produced by

Mikey Reyes

Daniel Reyes 

Executive Producer

Chung Hu

Original music by

Raymond Muniz

MJ Melby

Michael Farraro

Farrokh Farrokhnia

Cinematography by

Mikey Reyes

Editing by

Mikey Reyes

Art Department

Mark Posey

Adrianne Chacon

Prop Master

Erick Garibay

Special Effects

Erick Garibay

Set construction

Leo Maldaonado

Assistant Director

Daniel Reyes

Sound recording by

Ben Lazard

Cory Brown

Mike Mann

Assistant camera

Mike Marshall

Alfonzo Dryer


Christina Tambakakis

Key Grip

Mike Mann

Production Assistants

Mario Cantu

Leo Maldonado



University of Texas at Austin